Galen Hisorical Society Brick Church Museum

"Restoration of Brick Church Museum's Stained Glass Windows Begins
On Friday, October 29 Clyde's Brick Church Museum had its stained glass windows removed. It was the first step in the restoration of the windows which had been deteriorating for many years. The windows will be restored by Pike Stained Glass Studios in Rochester. The removal was done by David G. Young Woodworking & Restoration of Newark. The removal process involved the creation of a plywood template of the overall shape of the window segments, careful removal of the curved wooden molding and horizontal metal rods which held the window in place and lastly, the removal and careful crating of the window segments for transport to Pike Studios. There, each individual glass piece will be removed from each large segment and cleaned before the segments will be refashioned with all new metal binding material. According to Valerie O'Hara, the head of Pike Stained Glass Studios, the restoration process for the windows will take about two months. When the restoration is completed, the windows will be reinstalled by Young's Woodworking & Restoration, using the original wood molding.

For many years the windows overlooked the worship of the parishioners of the Clyde Baptist Church for which the building was erected in 1833 -the first brick building in Clyde. The larger, lower portions of the six tall, arched side stained glass windows were removed in 1911 and replaced by frosted (glue) glass which still remains. In 1955 the building became the home of the Galen Free Library and soon thereafter, the upper part of the building's open space including the large, complete stained glass windows in the front of the building and the stained glass portions of the side windows were hidden when a low ceiling was installed. The beauty of the stained glass windows languished in darkness until the building was purchased and renovated by the Galen Historical Society as their Brick Church Museum and the open space was returned about ten years ago. The restoration of the windows has been one of the major goals of the historical society's president, Sherryle Godkin, and its board of directors. The majority of the work is being funded by an $8000 gift obtained through the assistance of the Rochester Community Foundation."

Making a plywood template
Removing fasteners from a window
Affixing tape to cracked portions before removal
Preparing a segment for transport

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